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We create transformational experiences through the power of speech.

TA Speakers Management is a female-owned & operated boutique keynote speaker booking, management & coaching company.

We work with current professional speakers and pride ourselves in coaching the next generation of speaking talent, helping them bring their unique ideas and insights to the stage.

We are focused on bringing inspirational, educational and engaging keynote speakers to your events. We believe in the power of speech and the positive impact it can make on others. We focus on working with speakers who influence their audiences to live healthy, happier and more successful lives, achieving excellence in all they do while making the world a better place. 

All speakers are professional, experienced and engaging. They have spent the time to ensure they are set up to provide high-quality speeches in any setting (in-person, virtual & hybrid included). 

We are pleased to assist with any specific topic, theme, goals and objectives you want to achieve and suggest speakers for you based on those details particulars. We pride ourselves in working only with those who have invested the time, energy and talent into mastering their speaking craft. 

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rave reviews!

I have been fortunate enough to benefit from Tami's awesomeness for several years now. As a business owner and serial entrepreneur, it's been an incredible honour to have been so frequently booked around North America for the many speaking engagements that @speakersspotlight has blessed me with. It has been EQUALLY as terrifying trying to manage the schedules, flights, hotels, calendars, and every other detail outside of running my business full time. Tami has shown herself time and time again to be that "life-saving / detail-oriented / handler of all things" that constantly keeps the world around me flowing beautifully. Some of my absolute FAVOURITE calls are from Tami as her lovable voice excitedly shares the details of an event she thinks I may be perfect for. I always know that from that moment forward, her client will benefit as much as I do from Tami's fun, outgoing, passionate personality as she simply takes care of every need along the way. As a (self-diagnosed) ADHD-riddled entrepreneur, I simply cannot exist without the magic of what Tami brings to the table. She's an absolute treasure of a human to work with and I look forward to many more years ahead working with her.

-Graham Sherman, Keynote Speaker & Entreprenuer

Tami came highly recommended by a dear friend, and I am ever so grateful for the connection. Having worked with Tami over the last year, I feel a meaningful transformation in my presence as a speaker and in my speaking business. I’ve secured paid speaking opportunities, and launched my website; key milestones we had identified at the outset of our coaching journey. 

Tami brought a discipline to our coaching relationship, that ebb and flowed perfectly around my development. Amongst her many qualities, Tami is compassionate while being honest with her input and feedback, all delivered at the most optimal moments.  Tami also has extraordinary listening skills, and got me through moments of feeling “stuck”.  

If you feel called to speak, to share your ideas with a broader audience, and if you wish to do this in a meaningful and compelling way, Tami is the expert you want on your side. Thank you, Tami for your generosity, professionalism and friendship. I look forward to the evolution of our partnership. 

Ayesha Shah, Keynote Speaker, Author & People & Culture Executive 

Having worked with Tami for over 4 years for speaker sourcing, she has demonstrated a keen sense of understanding of our program and speaker requirements. She was always professional, reliable, consistent and a true delight to work with on every occasion. She would proactively share potential speakers for our programs and always be thinking about us as the client, first and foremost, promoting only the speakers who would be best suited for us. Throughout the collaboration on speakers over the years, her passion for delivering an amazing experience and driving excellent customer service, are just a few of the reasons I would highly recommend her!

-Rachel Klar, Senior Events Marketing Manager at Intuit

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