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Fall 2019 Feature: Look Ahead and Look Beyond

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Meeting Magazine

The magazine of the MPI Toronto Chapter

Fall 2019

With the world we live in now, anticipating what is to come and innovating ahead of the game could not be more accurate, and it’s happening at lightning speed! What does the future hold? This is the question in business we are all asking ourselves. What do our meetings and events look like and how do they differ from the past? What do clients want now? How can we create new and unique experiences? What opportunities do we have that we have not tapped into yet? And so forth …. If only we had a magical crystal ball that would answer these questions and tell us exactly what we need to do and when. Well that would be great, wouldn’t it? In an ideal world, yes, but in reality, this is just not the case. However, don’t fear. MPI Toronto is here! The Communications Committee has put together some amazing authors and articles this fall to help guide you into what is ahead and how best we can all take advantage of it to elevate your events and meetings for the future like never before!

Read more at Meeting Magazine website.

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