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The purpose of this page is to share my favorite online resources with you. This could be content from a funny YouTube Page or something to help you grow personally or professionally in any aspect of your life. Check out these awesome human beings below and what they have to offer. I hope you enjoy it!


Two Steps Forward Consulting Co.

Professional Development Consultant

Looking for a personal coach? Small business accelerator? Organization Guru? Look no further! Lana Melnichuk is an incredible and talented coach who can assist with a variety of personal and professional projects. She is responsible for my website and has assisted me with article editing, personal development advice and more! Find out how she can help you by checking out her website at


Lo On The Go

Lifestyle Vlogger

If you are looking to have some laughs, see fun travel adventures and have a feel-good time, then you have come to the right place! Lo will share her travels, show you how to cook and bake plant-based dishes, thrift cool clothes and items, and chat about life while having one hell of a time! Check out her fun YouTube channel now!

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Morena Protti

Health & Life Coach

If you are looking to learn how to better manage your health challenges, Coach Morena to the rescue! She helps overwhelmed busy Professionals struggling with their health to take control of it, so they can rise strong in their lives. Check out her Instagram page here!


Padmini Mayuranathan

Languages Consultant

If you are looking to develop your professional English and French skills, Padmini can help you do just that.  She will work with you to assess your current level and coach you to increase it. She can be your conversational partner, language coach or professional editor. Contact her here.

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